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    Time High-Tech---Vacuum Drying ? Intelligent Logistics System Provider
    Time High-Tech has set up an enterprise institute
    Time High-Tech has set up an enterprise institute , which aims at the new technology for future development. The institute serves as a R & D center for new product and technology accumulation. It has established a strong team consisting of engineers in mechanical, electrical, information, big data, experimental management, project management and other fields. It is well equipped with high-end instruments, and provides drying technics design and moisture test service for different customers.
    3000square meters
    Hundreds of research findings
    Nearly 10000 data accumulation

    The institute has successively carried out market research and technical feasibility analysis for several strategic development projects. "Time High-Tech Technology Committee" has been established with members including the experts and technical authorities from many well-known domestic universities, such as Shenzhen University. For key technologies like drying methods for battery anode and cathode materials, and new applications of tunnel vacuum drying system,the institute is pursuing a path combining the power of universities and enterprises.

    In the field of international business, the Institute has vigorously promoted close cooperation with leading companies in the world like German Carl Zeiss, Siemens and Japan's Noritake etc. In 2017, The subordinate laboratory of the institute has been awarded as the only key vacuum technology laboratory in China.

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